Contradiction seen

To the Journal editor:

The tragic incident that occurred in Newtown, Conn., will always be in our memory of the 20 fine children. However, whenever we compare them to the millions of human lives that are being exterminated and ignored in the U.S. every year under the disguise of legal abortions, it is the ultimate of crimes.

Regardless before or after birth, God counted the number of human beings on this planet, yet our American legal system felt that it would be much simpler to have all human life before birth being eliminated. I am amazed to see the political and celebrity friends who spend so much of their time and effort to pretend that they care about the safety of American lives, but those same people simply snuff out the lives of so many humans by authorizing abortions with no shame or guilt.

A large percentage of those people have created a hatred toward law-abiding gun-owners. TVs and newspapers are portraying the “evil” Americans that have guns, yet our president remains silent about the Fast and Furious and the U.S. consulate Chris Stevens cases. The real source of violence that has been created in this country are violent movies, violent TV series and violent electronic games.

As a result, a gradual deterioration in the American morals and family traditional Christian values are being damaged by violent entertainment. Pure greed in the Hollywood arena have showed little care of the consequences of a warped mind that can produce much harm to innocent people.

If we had some form of control on our already over-saturated violent entertainment industry at the beginning, the 20 children in Connecticut would be living their lives today.

There will always have a dark side of human nature, but we need more common sense, instead of the following the current frenzy of the liberals who try to deceive the American people.