Predator hunts just

To the Journal editor:

In response to the letter to the editor from a Gwinn resident on Jan. 27 about thrill killing, I am compelled to respond.

When my children were very young and riding the bus to school in Powell Township, they had three little goats as pets, they all had faces, personalities and names.

Each morning they passed by the pen we kept the goats in by the driveway out to the road where they got on the school bus. They would always stop to give their little friends a treat of a carrot, apple, stale donut, etc., before continuing on their way to the bus.

One February morning they stopped at the pen to discover that their little friends were massacred. There was blood everywhere all over the fresh snow.

Who do you think was more thrilled? The coyotes, the goats or the children? To say the coyotes would be the correct answer.

David M. Niven, chairman

Predator Hunt

Big Bay Sportsman Club