Fool me once

To the Journal editor:

Ever wonder why President Barack Obama and the far left are in such a hurry to shove Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s gun control bill down Americans throats just like Obamacare was.

Will our governmental officials even read Feinstein’s bill before making it law? Maybe it’s like Obamacare where Pelosi stated, you have to pass Obamacare before you can see what’s in the bill?

Just remember who stated that he promised all Americans that the Affordable Healthcare isn’t a tax and you can keep your current providers? Is it a tax? How does it affect your provider coverage now?

Remember, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Yes, gun control is a issue where honesty and integrity comes into question, as various government officials have in fact lied to Americas citizens for political/personal gains.

Know anything about the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), “Charter for Global Democracy,” specifically it’s “12 Principles,” the UN’s “Culture of Peace Agendas,” “Agenda 21”, or it’s “New World Order Plan.” Read to discover what the UN and various nations, including America, are doing within closed-door negotiations?

Does the voting public have a clue of what the UN is doing/has done to affect America’s freedom’s and sovereignty? Did America enter into ATT on July 27, 2012 through Hillary Clinton’s UN negotiations?

Did Bill Clinton enter America into the UN’s “Culture of Peace” and is NAFTA nothing more than the redistribution of America’s wealth to 3rd world countries to begin universal financial equality to fulfill the “New World Order Plans” requirements?

Does Al Gore Climate Change scam and Obama’s green energy plan fall in line with “Agenda 21” criteria such as carbon taxes? Does Feinstein’s gun control bill contains the same mandates within ATT; universal gun registrations, banning of small arms and lite weapons, and confiscation/destruction of specific arms and ammunitions?

Did you read Obama’s “Homeland Security National Defense Presidential Directive 51” enacted March 2012? Did you know Directive 51 contains conditions where marshal law will be fully enacted, individuals/groups identified as national security threats, and authorizes incarceration and detention without rights of due process being afforded?

Does Presidential Directive 51 fall in line with ATT’s mandates regarding disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration programs for select individuals and/or groups via national security threat criteria?

Ray Wickstrom