Protect the wolf

To the Journal editor:

I am a resident of the Upper Peninsula who has followed the plight of the gray wolf for the past 40 years. I’ve spent much of that time learning about them through books, friends and even hands-on. I consider them hauntingly beautiful, scientifically fascinating and significantly important to the ecology of this world we share.

There have been sound scientific studies ongoing for this past half century that an experimental hunt at this time would effectively prove disastrous to: in the wolf’s recovery from being hunted nearly to extinction, the Upper Peninsula wolf population has grown from nearly zero to only 700 individuals and needs more time to become a viable species in our state again.

I understand that hunting is sacrosanct in Michigan and have the utmost respect for the hunter who brings his quarry down swiftly, cleanly, then utilizes all of that animal to his family’s benefit.

But if other states are any example, this proposed wolf hunt will last for four and a half months (during winter when wolves are easily tracked) and just about every means imaginable can be legally used to kill them.

Not one ounce of the flesh will feed anyone. Instead they will be laid out for bragging photos and/or become the stuffed image of what they once were. If that isn’t ‘trophy’ hunting, what is?

The “Keep Michigan Wolves Protected” petitions that are being circulated serve one purpose only and that is to put this question before the people of this state to vote on.

That’s it! As for the HSUS being out-of-state, it doesn’t matter because only registered Michiganders can sign a petition or vote on the issue.

I’m old now and I see animals disappearing all over this planet and it hurts my eyes and it breaks my heart. Animals like tigers, elephants, rhinos and even sharks – did you ever imagine, in your youth, that your children could live to see the extinction of these wonderful works of the creator?

One thing I know for sure: “When the last individual of a race of living things breathes no more, another heaven and another earth must pass before such a one can be again.” (William Beebe)

Diane Tedora