Values erosion seen

To the Journal editor:

Last night as I drove home from work, I listened to an interesting interview on a nationally-syndicated radio show.

The interview was with a criminal profiler and was precipitated by the sad incident in California where former LAPD police officer Christopher Dorner (was) accused of shooting and killing numerous people including a police officer. In the interview, the radio host inquired about what would lead a person to such psychopathic behavior.

The expert’s answer was a chilling indictment of our culture and of the depths to which our social norms have fallen. While she indicated that there is really no absolute answer why psychopaths do what they do, she was able to articulate very clearly that one psychiatric disorder from early childhood is closely associated with psychotic behavior.

It is called reactive attachment disorder, commonly referred to as RAD, in which an infant does not bond emotionally with his or her mother within the first year of life.

The mother’s inability or unwillingness to regularly and lovingly respond to her child’s needs leads to the child’s lack of trust and inability to give or receive love; this can be a lifelong, debilitating condition which nearly destroys the possibility for enduring and loving relationships. Having had close experience with the devastating effects of RAD, I could not agree more with this assessment.

As our culture slides further into disorder, the social designers who have given us abortion, homosexuality, sexual license, divorce, and a myriad other twisted “norms” will have to face the effects.

The tearing down of the family (and by that I mean a father, a mother, and their natural offspring) has led us to a point where young women are not encouraged to fulfill the feminine mystery of giving and nurturing life.

Our young men are encouraged by nearly every facet of our American media to disdain marriage, husbandry and familial responsibility, leading to a narcissistic cult that certainly has no interest in raising children or being good husbands.

And where is it leading us? One need only to glance west, over the horizon to California to get the answer.

Timothy Presley

Negaunee Township