Johnson runs table for Ishpeming women

ISHPEMING – Dee Johnson of Paradise Bar had a table run during play last Tuesday in the Ishpeming Women’s Pool League.

Her team tied Hickey’s I, 8-8, to knock the former league leaders into second place.

Rainbow Bar took over first place by two points with an 11-5 win over Jack’s I. In other matches, Wonder Bar tripled up Rumorz, 12-4, American Legion got past Hickey’s II, 10-6, and VFW edged Jack’s III, 9-7.

In a recent league doubles tournament, Mara Marton and Kristy Boven of VFW were the winners, with Tammy Duquette and Jan Quinnel of Rumorz runners-up and Shelly Johnson and Melissa Murphy of Jack’s III in third place.