Station supported

To the Journal editor:

After reading the article on the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community gas station study and after I stopped laughing it was plain to see the author of this study was a great speculator, much like the president of the Upper Peninsula Petroleum Association.

There wasn’t one thing stated in that report that was based on fact. When I read something that contains the words “could” or “maybe,” it means that you’re reaching for facts, especially when it was commissioned by the ones who strongly oppose any competition at all for gas stations.

I believe the UPPA, a group organized in 2011 with 35 members, was started to get a strangle hold on gas prices in Marquette County. For what other reason would they even start such a group?

Only on rare occasions do the gas prices compare to the national average. More commonly, we are the highest prices in the U.P. Everybody in Marquette County knows gas prices go up and down at all stations at the same time.

The problem is, it is done on pure speculation. Unless they can come up with a factual reason for upping gas prices, they warrant very little credibility, other than greed.

The KBIC gas station would be a godsend. Competition drives the economy. The Mining Journal endorsed such competition many times in editorials last year.

One example: “Consumers can fight back on high gas prices,” where you said, “It would be refreshing to see a price difference between one station and another instead of all stations virtually the same price. It would be much easier to believe there is no gas price fixing going on.”

I had hoped you still believe that, but it looks like you turned tail when Republican Gov. Rick Snyder chose not to OK the KBIC station. Shame on you! Did you forget the UPPA endorsed not to sell your newspaper in certain gas stations?

The KBIC station would not hurt any other station in Marquette County. Just as it hasn’t hurt stations in Baraga or L’Anse. It would create a few more jobs and bring people into shop local stores.

I appeal to The Mining Journal, along with the Lake Superior Community Partnership and the Greater Ishpeming-Negaunee Chamber of Commerce, to reconsider their position.

I also urge all who agree with me to send letters to your representatives and senators.

Sterling Schultz