A changing world

To the Journal editor:

Having just turned 73 on Jan. 19, I’ve been reflecting on the changes I’ve seen. Some for the better and some things not so good. One thing we have lost is the peace and quiet from back about 50 years or so. At least I’m able to remember those years.

When people would visit more on a personal basis. Not all the electronic devices of today. We did have phones, but used them not that often. How about much cleaner air? Water, etc. And even wildlife. Lots of birds, butterflies, fireflies at night. And you could really see the stars at night.

Now, with so much light from the street lights, store lights, lots of different lights that take away the night sky. Also, more pollution than before. People were not rushing around as much either. There were not stores open 24 hours, seven days a week. Even those in Washington, D.C., got more things done and got along much better. So on we go with the new age.

I have to live in it, but not accept it. I can still find some places where quietness still prevails. Some of the better things to come along. Medical advances, better treatment for different health problems. Also homes have better electrical, insulation and other building codes that make homes safer and more comfortable.

One thing that has and will not change is that if you are a spiritual person, God is still in control and the Bible, if you choose to read it, is as it was a long, long time ago. For me, it’s the one thing that brings hope for a better future.

That being with Jesus Christ after my time is up. So one day at a time on my earthly way with the good news of being in God’s beautiful kingdom someday.