MAPS community education program back, in the black

MARQUETTE – Marquette Area Public Schools new Community Education program is running right on track, according to a presentation given to MAPS Board of Education Monday evening.

The Community Education program was revamped over the summer after the board voted to eliminate it – save for the GED and credit recovery programs – to help overcome a more than $2 million budget deficit.

The prior program was running at a loss for the district.

However, after overhauling the entire program, Community Education was brought back to the district and is no longer a financial liability for MAPS.

The board also heard an update on the district’s strategic planning process, which is transitioning from a goal-setting period to formulating strategies to achieve those goals.

Board President Rich Rossway said Tuesday morning the process, though slow, is working.

“We’re satisfied that we are where we need to be,” Rossway said. “Strategic planning doesn’t maybe move at the pace everybody expects, but it’s a necessary process that we have to go

through to get community input and support.”

He said the biggest concern for the board is community involvement, and he’s hoping the process will eventually expand to include even more community members than it already does.

The board will hear an update on the process of the buildings and facilities committee – which is working to formulate a long-term building alignment plant for the district – at its next board meeting, which is Monday.

In other action, the board conducted a first reading of several district policies.

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