Guns aren’t issue

To the Journal editor:

We are hearing a lot about controlling guns. Guns are not the problem. It is what some people are doing with those guns

Why is this problem so much greater than in the past? One factor that has been mentioned but not discussed, at any great length, especially in Washington or the news media, is the violence that is so prevalent in a great many movies and video games.

Consider the mentally unbalanced, or people who are angry at another person or society in general, or people who have developed violent tendencies, and whose minds are influenced by this violence as an answer to their problems or a way to take revenge.

It was reported that the man who killed so many at the Batman movie was recreating a scene in the movie. The boy who shot five members of his family was not thought to be a mental case, and he was never in trouble at school or with the law: he had watched violent videos.

In the videos, if you disagree with someone you simply blow them away or blow many away, and you don’t consider them people, but just things.

Speaking of sick minds, every time one of these tragedies is mentioned, the face of the perpetrator is shown many times. What better way to gain notoriety like the person or persons in the video?

It goes without saying that in order to attract viewership, these offerings have to become more and more violent. Is this what we really want? And is this done in the name of freedom of speech? Is that what is keeping something from being discussed or done about it? How sad. It needs to be addressed.

One of the greatest problems now is ignoring God, with the resulting loss of morality, consideration for other people, and goodness to others, which seem to be melting away like snow on a hot day. And the constant influence of movie and video violence is making it worse. Something needs to be done.

On another note, if drug sniffing dogs and other methods are unable to stop the inflow of drugs, how will we stop the inflow of smuggled guns? Also, if guns are taken from law-abiding citizens, only the lawless will have them.

Furthermore, Hitler disarmed Germany, making it possible to take control of the country.

Bob, Alice Nelson