Junior lugers win close battles at Lucy Hill

NEGAUNEE – Jairus Vancheck won the closest battle at the Midwest Kiwanis Junior Championship luge races held at Lucy Hill in Negaunee on Feb. 8.

Vancheck’s two-heat time of 33.57 seconds in the men’s Gate 3 race was just 0.34 of a second ahead of runner-up Zane Farnsworth.

The other race won by less than a second was in doubles, where Derek Carter and Daryn Carter put two heats together in 28.22 seconds, 0.57 of a second ahead of runner-up Liesel Demeuse and Jill Selesky. Derek Rogers and Dakota Smith were third in 39.49 seconds.

Lucy Hill’s next scheduled race will be Saturday, Feb. 23.

Here are the finishers in other races with their two-heat times:

Women’s – Gate 1: 1st, Sierra Smith, 34.03 seconds; 2nd, Cheyanne Smith, 1:22.79; 3rd, Abigail McCabe, 1:34.91. Gate 3: 1st, Demeuse, 32.57; 2nd, Selesky, 34.96

Men’s – Gate 2: 1st, Dakota Smith, 30.18; 2nd, Justin Smith, 31.94. Junior Start: 1st, Rogers, 1:14.32; 2nd, Daryn Carter, 1:16.47; 3rd, Derek Carter, 1:17.93.