Control wolves

To the Journal editor:

You can’t have both wolves and everyones cute?Bambis. We had our cute Bambi coloring books 60 years ago as a child. They still are cute.

Wolves will kill everything that cannot fly or climb including beaver, rabbits, etc., which are no longer in north Bessemer. The wolves kill the fawns and large deer first. The coyotes, ravens and eagles eat their kill.

Sure bears and coyotes kill some, but deer were able to handle them along with harsh winters. The wolves kill by chasing until exhaustion of heart failure, not by choking like lions and tigers. How humane are wolves?

The outspoken wolf lover and leader for the Humane Society should go and pitch her tent and see what wolves do. Eventually the wolves will be in town … as north Ironwood is now witnessing. You won’t be allowed to have your children and pets outside without fear.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the fish and game people say wolves migrated here, maybe. Some were raised in north Negaunee and released somewhere. The woods was fine until those people start getting paid.

I thank Mr. Mudge for explaining to the environmentalists what a swamp was. Swamps were full of rabbits years ago, now only mosquitos.

Did the wolves play a part in that?

Dennis Hill