It’s common sense

To the Journal editor:

Throughout my life experiences of dealing with illness and seniors, I have a thought about the aging process. It’s something we all experience from the day we are born.

We enter the world, dependent upon others to care and nurture us in all our needs. Our hearts, minds and souls are open to all forms of energy and positive input. We are called “sponges” as we soak up as much all we can, our brains and personalities expand to become the people we are meant to be. Touching, tasting, hearing, seeing, all of our senses so excited, each of us with our unique fingerprint to improve our world.

We age and regress back to dependent upon others for our care and nurturing. Have you ever watched an older person laugh and giggle? Have you ever wondered, “My goodness what are they seeing or hearing?” Have you ever noticed how children and animals respond to the older folks? Is it because we are to be at our most innocent and open to the energy of the next place? Are we to be at our most accepting to be accepted?

Jesus said, “And the children shall come to me.” What better place to be than our childlike self. I said this to a priest friend of mine and he thought it was pretty profound thinking on my part. I think it makes simple sense.

Elizabeth Lizotte