Professional snowboarders shoot urban footage in U.P.

MARQUETTE – A handful of professional Canadian snowboarders are riding their way across the Upper Peninsula this week, filming for a snowboarding movie set to be released this fall.

The group made its way to Marquette Tuesday from Quebec City, Canada, shooting footage on Wednesday for a half-hour long snowboarding film titled “Deja Vu.”

“The snow situation is pretty bad up in Quebec City,” Will Lavigne said. “It rained and it got super cold, so it’s pretty icy … Some of us came here before … and knew there was some good stuff to go on and we also heard there was some good snow, so we just came.”

The crew spent Tuesday driving around the city, scoping out the best places to film themselves urban snowboarding.

Rather than head out to a ski hill, urban snowboarders find places within cities or towns they can snowboard on, such as rails, stairs or even walls of buildings.

Wednesday morning, Deja Vu crew members were sliding down a staircase off Washington Street, next to The Portside Inn in downtown Marquette.

The group is planning to stay in Marquette until the weekend, then they said they’ll likely head up to Houghton.

But the group will go just about anywhere for a chance at some fresh powder.

“We’re planning on going to Finland, some of us went to Sweden,” professional snowboarder Nic Sauve said. “We have people right now in Japan. … It’s mostly about chasing the good snow. It doesn’t really matter where.”

“We go wherever the snow’s good,” Lavigne added.

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