Story missed mark

To the Journal editor:

“Study: Tribal Gas Station Would Cost Jobs, Revenue.”

Jeez, the reader thinks, really? Then you read the article and find out the so-called study was not a study at all.

It was just a meeting of the local gas station owners whining about the proposed Keweenaw Bay Indian Community station in Marquette township, and cloaking their greed by spreading fear. Really, Mining Journal? What are you now, Fox News? You must be, because no other local news outlet took the Upper Peninsula Petroleum Association’s bait.

If that is a study, I have another study for you done by the Upper Peninsula gas station customers. We’re tired of inflated gas prices dictated by the cartel called the UPPA.

We’d like some genuine market competition and we whole-heartedly welcome the KBIC in Marquette township or anywhere else in the county.

Cindy Alspach