Right vs. wrong

To the Journal editor:

Since heaven was created for poor people, there came advantages and disadvantages. What would my studies show about education?

Years ago, mom and pop sent their kids to college so they wouldn’t have to work like they had to. Now today, we have committees and people wearing ties. Also the government operating with professional students that have turned the nation into a conspiracy existence.

When I go to the post office there are long lines and the middle class people are now financially crushed traveling around the country visiting their grandchildren.

My studies also show education helped scientists to explore the great cosmic ocean and because of that nature has turned against us. Also my God tells me nature has moved the entire universe away from our solar system and eventually our solar system will be destroyed by our own sun. They call this a super nova.

Addendum: Mr. President, there is a huge war taking place in your country. A big group of people going out and making debts, spending money they don’t have, knowing people with money will have to pay the bills.

Lyle E. White

Grand Haven