Respect lacking

To the Journal editor:

I’m happy to see that some media outlets covered the massive March for Life in Washington, D. C. on Jan. 25. Sadly, many chose to ignore this annual event which brings hundreds of thousands of people together to affirm the dignity of all human life.

Some people don’t really think that abortion kills children. I once wrote a paper on abortion techniques and spent the next several years oblivious to the fact that babies die from abortions. Then I saw pictures of what happens to a child as it is destroyed-I then had no doubt.

Others may know what abortion does, but they can’t be bothered. It’s easier to think about the details of our own lives than to try to stop the killing and to assist the desperate mother. Nearly half of all abortions occur because the mother feels unready and thinks she can’t afford a baby. Can’t more of us help her?

Still others know that abortion kills a human life, but they say, “So what?” They say the strong have the right to kill the weak. Mothers’ rights always trump babies’ rights. I have difficulty understanding how this promotes human welfare.

Our nation denies dignity to a class of humans once again, as in the days of slavery. Human dignity means honoring and respecting for life.

If there is no respect for human life, civilization unravels. The consequences of the killing of over 50,000,000 children in our country since 1973 are becoming more obvious every day.

From the dire financial straits of our government (loss of productivity and tax revenue from millions fewer people) to the random and now regularly occurring mass murders in public locations; from the sexual exploitation of women to megacorporations’ lack of respect for workers; from the denigration of marriage and family life to the unrelenting push for the euthanasia of our elderly and disabled, the sinister lie that only some human life is worthy of protection is leading us to an even darker future.

Many in our country desire to defend the weak and the poor; this is the mark of a civilized people. So why can we not agree to defend the weakest among us, the unborn?

Alas, our consciences have been killed along with the babies, as we disregard sexual morality. Let us restore human dignity for all.

Fae Presley