Some steroid injections play havoc with health

It’s appearing that even when steroids are administered by a doctor under controlled conditions that problems are possible.

According to recent reports from The Associated Press, 15 people have died, all from downstate, and some 247 others have come down with infections related to taking contaminated steroids supplied by a Massachusetts pharmaceutical company.

The deaths, reported by the Michigan Department of Community Health, are principally among older meningitis patients infected with illnesses including fungal meningitis that are part of a national disease outbreak.

The steroids are used in injections to treat neck and back pain. By Friday, the department says there have been 68 cases of fungal meningitis in the state, 154 epidural abscesses, one stroke and 23 peripheral joint infections tied to the steroids, AP reported.

Here are two online sites that residents can check for additional information.

  • U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention meningitis outbreak map:

And, of course, talk with your medical care provider about what’s best for you. When it comes to one’s health, informed caution is always the best practice.