Study questioned

To the Journal editor:

If anyone has been curious about the lower than usual gas prices in Marquette the past month, think maybe the study commissioned by the U.P. Petroleum Association had anything to do with it? Have prices recently hiked back up to normal highs now that the study is finished?

The report warning of the negative impact a Keweenaw Bay Indian Community gas station would have on the local jobs and economy, of course was commissioned by none other than an association representing what would be competing gas suppliers.

If local prices were actually lowered due to the study to reflect the impact the KBIC gas station would have on local gas prices, I’d say that looks pretty good. It will be interesting to see what the real colors of the Marquette community will be in how it responds to the “new local business.”

In a related way, what should draw our attention is the threat to our health and environment resulting from the increased fracking that is taking place in Michigan and other areas surrounding our prized Great Lakes. For a hint or preview, check out what is going on in North Dakota along the Bakken and other mineral rich frackable shale gas and oil reserves.

Now, that impact on our water, air, environment, animal and human health is something that warrants intense scrutiny and serious concern.