Negaunee’s Lucy Hill lugers compete in Italy

NEGAUNEE – Four area teens competed over the weekend in their first international luge competition in Italy.

Leisel Demeuse, 16, and a trio of 15-year-olds – Derek Rogers, Daryn Carter and Derek Carter – from the Negaunee-based Upper Peninsula Luge Club competed at the World Championships for natural track luge in Novo Ponente, Italy, about 90 miles from former Winter Olympics city of Innsbruck, Austria.

While none had ever slid on any track but Lucy Hill in Negaunee, all competed in three heats of singles, according to a news release from the USA Luge Association.

In the boys standings, Derek Carter came in 41st, Daryn Carter 42nd and Rogers 43rd, USA Luge said. Demeuse didn’t finish her second run on Saturday in girls competition.

They had to raise $2,000 to fund the trip to complement a grant from the International Luge Federation, which USA Luge applied for on their behalf.

More information about the World Championship is available at the website