We all must get involved to stop bullying

We were shocked and horrified with the recent news that a child from a small, rural town in Ohio took her own life. And the early information we’ve seen strongly suggests it was because of bullying.

From wire reports and other sources, it appears the child, an 11-year old girl, apparently came home crying recently, telling her parents that other children were teasing her because of her appearance.

Police said the girl suffered from attention deficit disorder, which may have made her a target for bullies at her school.

Bullying at school is a problem we are hearing more and more about. But everyone knows that it isn’t an issue that’s confined to classrooms and playgrounds. It’s something that runs through all of society.

If you have children, talk to them about bullying. Ask them if they know of anyone who has been or is being victimized by a bully.

If they do, take action. Notify parents, teachers and police, if that’s what it takes. It’s going to take all of us getting involved to stop bullying – one child at a time.