Quality is best

To the Journal editor:

Let me begin by saying I was born in the Upper Peninsula and I’m still here, now 59 years old. I have always been the guy who would never draw attention to himself. I probably would have never in my life made any disruption. Sometimes in life though, you are given an opportunity to say your piece about something you are qualified to talk about.

I recently purchased a … piece of equipment and was assured that the engine they recommend would be fine. I was skeptical and stated such several times during the ordering process.

What I received was an engine made in China. OK, I did agree to order it with reservations. As I said earlier, I’m 59, I well remember when the influx of Japanese products hit our markets in the 1960s. People made fun of their products because they would fall apart or stop working in a very short time.

Now, Japan makes the best motors in the world because they have pride and were insulted when we laughed at them. The Chinese have no such pride in their goods. So, I know engines and know national quality standards. And they are laughing at me and I don’t like it.

After a while working with something, you know to hear and feel your equipment. You can sense a problem as it emerges. You “feel” it.

I know my facts inside and out, have owned and repaired them for 40-plus years. How many of you have a lawnmower or a leaf blower or other stuff that died in the first year of service? Will you buy the same model again in the spring? Probably.

I have engines that are 30 or more years old and still function well. They weren’t made in China. What happened to the America I could be proud of?

To the salesman I chewed out, I’m sorry. You didn’t know any better. But now you do, maybe one salesman will never sell another one. I can hope.

Christian Ford