Responsibility now

To the Journal editor:

We need our own plan to reduce gun violence. This is not only necessary but is also the best way to protect our gun rights.

Everyone agrees something needs to be done to reduce gun violence and banning the AR-style weapons and high capacity clips will do nothing to accomplish this so more bans will be on the way.

We the gun owners need to push are own logical plan that will make a difference while protecting our right to choose what guns we own. All that anyone can ask of us is that we are 100 percent responsible for our own weapons.

With this in mind let’s propose that all guns with repeating capabilities are registered and then enforce a law where the owner is held responsible if he did not take reasonable action to protect his weapon and in result it is used in a crime.

Registering is not as bad as it seems, since most new guns are basically registered when they are first bought. It would be nice if another gun law was not necessary but we are going to get new laws whether they are logical, non-agenda or not. So let’s take action.

This simple idea will do much more than any ban while protecting our Second Amendment rights. Look up your representatives and write them each a letter.

Let’s push for responsibility, not bans.

John Levora