Paper challenged

To the Journal editor:

(The Mining Journal recent) editorial stated, “We would still like to see the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community open a new station in Marquette Township, but we understand with the governor why they should have to operate under the same rules and guidelines as their competitors.”

Your statement sounds reasonable until one realizes how this country was founded, in the sense of fairness, the rules and guidelines never took Indian people into consideration, to wit, this entire land was stolen from the original people. But now, you call for fair play.

Further, you ask “that people seek out the owners of local gas stations to ask them to be more competitive with gas pricing.” Might it be suggested, that you yourself ask the owner of the Citgo stations chain that encompasses a large area of northern Wisconsin and the U.P. that very question. Do you not recall his opinion last year on this matter?

To help you understand this a tad more, it might be interesting to note that in his home town, his keystone Citgo station has nary a customer while directly across the street, his competitor with so-called competitive pricing (dictated pricing might be more accurate), vehicles line up by the numbers.

There is talk about the proposed new KBIC gas station with lower gas prices would drive competing stations in the Marquette area out of business. KBIC has long had their station in Baraga with lower prices but yet, competing gas station in Baraga and L’Anse and the surrounding area are alive and well, if not, their doors would be closed.

The Journal further stated that currently Marquette has lower gas prices than four other major U.P. cities, even lower than some lower peninsula communities. OK, fair enough, but the question then is, for how long will that be the case?

The Journal appears to be backpedaling to keep in favor with the governor but yet at the same time, is willing to let the people of the Marquette and surrounding area who are the Journal’s bread and butter to continue to be at the mercy of a certain U.P. gasoline distributor czar.

Wiizon Wayaaseshkang

Chicaugon Lake, Iron County