World of sports can be bizarre

Maybe the planets are aligned in a strange way or the moon is in a rare phase.

Whatever the reason, it has been a wild couple of weeks. Not just the recent cold snap we experienced, either.

After the warm weather and lack of snow we’ve had this so-called winter, wind-chill factors down to 30-below were a bit unusual.

In the sports world, it has also been eventful.

A glance at the CCHA standings shows Michigan in 10th place and Michigan State dead last. When’s the last time that has happened this late in the season?

It’s really hard to believe. Those two schools have dominated the CCHA for a long time. To have BOTH that low in the standings is mind-boggling.

No. 1-ranked Duke was smoked by No. 25 Miami in men’s college basketball, 90-63. It was the third-worst loss ever for a top-ranked team.

Who would’ve thunk it?

There was Lance Armstrong admitting to television personality Oprah Winfrey that yes, indeed, he used performance-enhancing drugs all those years he dominated the sport of cycling.

For years, he had repeatedly said he did NOT use the drugs to gain an advantage over his fellow cyclists.

But in the face of overwhelming evidence collected by the USADA to the contrary, he has come clean and admitted he cheated in all those Tour de France titles he won.

He has been stripped of all seven Tour medals he pocketed and presumably any Olympic hardware he might have accumulated.

A cancer survivor with a squeaky-clean image, Armstrong’s admission has no doubt hurt the Livestrong foundation he created to help those with the disease.

There there’s the Manti Te’o case, which has bordered on the absurd.

The Notre Dame linebacker says he was the victim of a hoax with the account of his supposed girlfriend dying Sept. 12 was all an elaborate ruse perpetrated by high school friend Ronaiah Tuiasospo.

Te’o claims it was an online romance only, moved along with phone conversations and electronic messages. He was convinced Lennay Kekuo had died.

But when he was informed Dec. 6 that she was alive, Te’o answered questions a couple of days later about his “dead” girlfriend.

He asked television host Katie Couric, “What would you do?” when asked about his remarks concerning Kekuo by media personnel.

How about coming clean and telling the truth instead of perpetuating what he later said was a hoax he had no part in cultivating?

It’s all so bizarre.

What’s next? Two brothers coaching different teams going head-to-head for a Super Bowl championship?

Naw, it couldn’t happen.

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