New at the library

Have a new laptop, tablet, iPad or Kindle Fire and/or thinking of purchasing one? There are many brands and each is a little different than another. We have some books to check out that should be a big help in learning all there is to know or giving enough information to choose which device to purchase.

Take Your iPad to Work by Brian Proffitt isn’t just for those interested in using their iPad at work. The author starts out in great detail how to use the iPad and then goes into explaining the various applications to get in order to create spreadsheets, presentations, word processing and more. He also shows how to set up and use an iPad to watch videos, listen to music and reading online books.

Have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet? Then check out the book My Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 by Eric Butow and Lonzell Watson. It contains step-by-step instructions along with callouts to photos to help set up and use the new Galaxy Tablet. There are many things that can be cone with this tablet and the author goes into great detail about how to use it as an ereader, to set up contacts and a calendar. Also, there are plenty of helps, tips and notes to get unstuck if encountering any problems.

My Kindle Fire HD by Jim Cheshire and Jennifer Kettell covers both the Kindle Fire HD and the second generation Kindle Fire. The authors provide plenty of full-color, step-by-step tasks to walk the reader through setting up and learning about their new Kindle Fire. Want to set up an email account or stream the latest movies or use a Kindle as the ereader it is, but not limited to anymore? Then this book may be a great help.

Google Nexus 7 Tablet by Chris Fehily shows how to tap into its many features: how to surf the web, play games, video chat and more. It contains lots of color photos and screen shots to help navigate the Nexus tablet, starting with the basics and progressing from there. It is a visual quick-start guide and includes eBook.

Teach Yourself VISUALLY- Microsoft Windows 8 Tablets by Paul McFedries is a great help for visual learners – no long-winded explanations, just clear step-by-step screen shots that show how to handle more than 150 tasks. Each lesson is broken down in to just two pages with helpful sidebar tips and tricks, too. This book definitely will give an edge due to it being so clear and simple, yet packed full of helpful information.

Now for two new books about laptops to help understand the basic anatomy of a laptop, how to use the operating system, be it Windows 7 or 8 and enough information to help you decide if this is the device for you. Teach Yourself VISUALLY-Laptops The Fast and Fun Way to Learn Second Edition by Sherry Kinkoph Gunter never lacks for illustrations or explanations that are simple and to the point. It’s full of photos and tips and how-to’s.

Laptops Simplified Second Edition by Sherry Kinkoph Gunter is another great book that gets down to the nitty gritty of laptops. If new to laptops or computers, no problem. This book will help by getting right to the point, simply and clearly. Tons of photos and screenshots which really helps one learn all the needed steps to setting up and using a laptop. It will also help in choosing a laptop that will meet your needs.

– Nicki Malave

Information Technology Department