Wolves have rights

To the Journal editor:

I liked Cleveland Amory’s idea in his book, “ManKind?” that a “Hunt the hunter’s hunt club be started to give these stalk and slaughter guys” (and sadly, some women), an experience their prey knows during the hunting season.

How many of us actually believe that many, if not most humans that enjoy the blood sports, don’t do it for the excitement and rush of the sighting and the kill?

How can they feel no empathy when their prey lies quivering in the bloodied snow when the arrow did not find a fatal mark or the bullet(s) were off by inches causing immense fear and suffering to the animal they stalked or waited for in the blind?

Now they want the wolves. Beautiful canine creatures that deserve to roam this earth just as much as we do, although it appears some hunters feel only they have the rights to exist except for the few animals that are left for them to hunt, of course. What will be next when there are no furry or feathered creatures remaining, our beloved pets?

People tell me it’s “the culture” in some places and I reply “so was gladiator fighting accepted too” many years ago. I can actually see it returning as a popular sport when the human population increases exponentially in the coming years. Glad I won’t be here.

Yes, I’m one of those liberals some demonize, and glad my conscience dictates my beliefs. I also enjoy archery and target shooting recreationally.