Facility is thanked

I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to the staff, board and volunteers at the Beacon House in Marquette.

As a cancer patient undergoing multiple treatments and appointments with major expenses, I learned I needed to go to Marquette General Hospital for two weeks to finish my treatment with radiation. This was two hours one way to travel from my home.

We were directed to the Beacon House as a potential place to stay. The staff at Marquette General called Kellie Barry-Angeli, the Beacon House director, to tour the facility that same day. By the end of the tour Kelly had a room set up for us to stay for two weeks beginning the following Monday.

The staff and volunteers welcomed my daughter and I and made it a home away from home. We met many wonderful people and were treated like family.

The facility has a great kitchen where we could cook as well as comfortable lounges to relax in. I encourage all to continue to support this fantastic organization!

Phyllis Kinnunen