Warming is fact

To the Journal editor:

I am imagining what would happen to us who live here in our beloved Marquette and the Upper Peninsula as global warming becomes a reality even more than it is now. I believe it may happen soon, probably in the next 10 to 20 years.

I imagine our Lake Superior at lower depths causing our harbors to be inadequate. Most big freighters would be unable to access our harbors without extensive dredging costing innumerable loss of jobs, and possibly the loss of our most important industry -mining.

And our enjoyment of the harbors for sailing and motor boats would be compromised because we would need to find a way, if even possible, to harbor or moor our boats in totally new ways.

I imagine a “war” happening over the use of our magnificent Great Lakes with everyone in the country wanting our water, since they would have so little in other parts of the country.

I imagine our beautiful forests catching fire more often, and so we would lose acres and acres that we love along with the wildlife we love.

I imagine the snow events we love are no longer possible like our dog sled runs, our cross country skiing events, and our downhill sports. And all our great trails would no longer be of any use.

I imagine people coming here to live in droves because they would come from parts of the country absolutely parched with no water and so would think go north.

When they do come, as they surely will, we would lose our close community, would be way over crowded, and unable to meet the needs of such an influx. We would also lose our ability to access the wilderness so quickly since we would be inundated with people, people.

If you can imagine as I do, then it is absolutely necessary that you start doing something about global warming now, not think of it as something way down the road and something that will not affect us because we live in the north next to big water.

Write your congressman, senator, and anyone you can think of to urge them to do something now.

Talk to your family and friends. Alert them to the fact that this is not some far away happening, but is upon us now.

Act now! Global warming is a fact and it will affect even us up here in our beloved U.P.

Margo House