Don’t blame guns

To the Journal editor:

The recent shootings in the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut has gained a tremendous amount of national attention.

This horrific act of violence has everyone asking, “Why? Where does it end? What’s next? What happened to the good ‘ol days? Where did we go wrong?”

Americans, including gun owners, know these senseless killings need to stop! Please note, these massacre’s of innocent people are not all done with guns!

Banning firearms from law abiding citizens isn’t the answer. “We The People,” have a right to defend ourselves, our families and our property. Gun control isn’t about guns, it’s about control.

Don’t portray the legal gun owning citizen as a criminal, because, he or she owns a gun. We don’t need more gun laws. Let’s start by enforcing the gun laws on the books.

For many reasons, institutions have opened the doors to insane asylum, jails and prisons. Some of these individuals are extremely dangerous. Nothing is beyond them when they drink alcohol, do drugs, or a combination of both. Drugs are everywhere and legal in some states.

Today, hatred and violence is everywhere! We have little patience, understanding, tolerance or respect in our fast moving world. Many don’t have time for God, prayer, or helping a needy neighbor. Our spiritual beliefs are being pushed to the roadside.

Government is in the way of our religious beliefs. Church and state were separate for a reason. That’s why our freedoms and liberties were written into the Bill of Rights and our United States Constitution.

Please don’t sacrifice our constitutional rights for political purposes.

Movies today are too extreme and have desensitized many. It’s outrageous and unacceptable. Our children are being victimized at a very young age.

Hypocrisy speaks for itself when we talk about protecting our children. Abortion for example, is an unthinkable act of killing an innocent baby in the womb of its mother.

What’s happening in this country? Abortion has been declared a woman’s right. It’s accepted in our well cultured and civilized society.

Passing an abortion law doesn’t make it right. Killing an innocent infant inside its mother, because, it’s untimely, inconvenient, or the wrong sex is simply wrong.

All the rationalizing in the world can’t change that fact.

If we truly want to protect innocent children in schools and in today’s society, let’s start by protecting the innocent unborn babies that are being aborted.

Robert A. Belmore