Coal should be part of national energy policy

With hundreds of good-paying jobs dependent on the continued operation of two, large coal-fired electrical generating plants in Marquette, we hope whoever President Obama choses to replace Lisa Jackson at the Environmental Protection Agency is someone who will consider alternatives to the agency’s recent posture toward coal.

Jackson, it seemed to many, appeared to enjoy the role she played in the Obama Administration, a role which saw EPA become all but hostile toward coal mining.

A plentiful resource that we don’t have to fight wars to secure, coal should be a significant part of any national, comprehensive policy on energy.

Regrettably, that hasn’t happened and the United States continues to fight endless wars to hang on to oil reserves that aren’t even ours.

We have never believed that coal is the answer to all of the nation’s energy questions. But it certainly should be a part of the discission.

The president should realize this.