Marquette wins majority of U. P. bowling prep conference matches in Escanaba

ESCANABA – Marquette Senior High School’s three bowling teams went a combined 3-1-1 at an Upper Peninsula High School Bowling Conference meet held in Escanaba on Saturday.

The Marquette girls won their lone match, 22-18, over Escanaba B, while each Redmen boys team had two matches. MSHS A blew out Iron Mountain, 28-12, and was edged by Menominee A, 21 1/2-18 1/2; and Marquette B tripped up Escanaba B, 27-13, and tied Menominee B, 20-20.

Matches include two Baker-style games, where teammates alternate frames to come up with a single-game score, and are worth 10 points. The rest of the match is conducted in a traditional manner, with three regular games bowled by five-member teams that accounts for the other 30 points.

The Marquette girls had to come back after being swept 10-0 in the Baker games, 136-107 and 115-104, and did so by winning each of the regular games. Brianna Holm led the way with a 448 series that included a 198 high game, followed by Aubrey Owens with 424 (158 high), Ashley McIntire 417 (160), Hannah Crampton 403 (161) and Abigail Engman 324 (117).

The Marquette A boys also fell behind in the Baker round, 6-4, splitting two close games, a 173-171 win and 189-180 loss, and losing total pins there. But another sweep of the regular bowling round, each game a 40-to-50-pin victory, won them the match.

With liberal substituting, anchorman Andrew Virch was the only MSHS boy to bowl all three games, totaling 636 with a 211 opener and 234 close. The two-game totals (with high game) were Austin Dupras 372 (209), Brandon Young 330 (172), Jesse Bianchi 321 (164), Drew Scott 281 (144), Justin Flood 269 (144) and Caleb Kaznowski 252 (139).

In their other match, Menominee A again went up 6-4 in Baker before pulling out two close games to clinch the match. Flood bowled all three games for 399 and a 144 high game. Two-game totals included Virch 362 (195), Bianchi 336 (191), Scott 335 (173), Young 326 (173), Dupras 324 (180) and Kaznowski 309 (170).

Marquette B also fell behind 6-4 to Esky B in Baker, then won two of three games plus totals for the match win. Over three games, Jake D’Ambrosia had 536 with a 214 high, Trevor Buchanan 523 (192), and Bailey Inch 439 (154). In two games, there was Garrett Flores 329 (165), George LaBlonde IV 239 (152) and Taylor Hedmark 317 (124).

In the tie vs. Menominee B, Marquette B fell down 10-0 in Baker but won two of three games and totals to catch up. Three-game totals included D’Ambrosia 529 (197), LaBlonde 451 (170) and Flores 433 (155), while for two games were Inch 327 (195), Buchanan 317 (160) and Hedmark 274 (141).