Police, citizens recognized as heroes in rescue

We’d like to add our voice to the chorus of congratulations being heard for a handful of police officers and residents from Marquette County who played a role in the rescue of a 34-year-old Negaunee woman whose 2004 Honda CRV left Marquette County Road 480 in December and entered an adjacent creek.

The officers – there were four of them – and four residents were recognized recently by the Marquette County Law Enforcement Administrators Association. Marquette County Sheriff Mike Lovelace hailed the group as typical Upper Peninsula stock, people who come together, often quickly and without prior planning, to do things that need to be done.

According to reports, Sheriff’s Deputy Torin Tredeau was the first officer to arrive on the scene Dec. 16, observing that Cora Longtine’s vehicle was partially submerged. He, with Marquette Police Department Cpl. Jim Finkbeiner, attempted to break the vehicle’s window but could not because the vehicle was submerged

A pair of Chocolay Township Police Department officers, Chris Carrick Jr. and Jon LeGally, equipped with a specialized device that could break vehicle window glass under those conditions, were able to break the window and with the help of the other officers on the scene, pull Longtine to safety.

The four citizen passersby, Scott Olson, his brother Klaye, Aaron Beckman and Chris Graham Jr., all pitched in to help affect the rescue.

The officers received LifeSaving Awards while the residents received Outstanding Citizen Awards.

Sheriff Lovelace got it right when he said while heroic, this kind of willingness to help is commonplace in the U.P. We congratulate all involved.