Going forward

To the Journal editor:

Just some thoughts I have entering the new year.

About the terrible shootings of school children in Connecticut. A lot has been said already. Some say ban guns, others train teachers to use guns or have police security at schools.

I don’t know if any will really work. I believe it has to come from a change within, as I have written many times about a spiritual awakening of human behavior. It can only come with the help of God. Even in the Bible it tells of people being killed.

It started with sin in the Garden of Eden. A separation from God’s will. God’s son Jesus came to show us the way but he was killed on the cross. That’s because he tried to show humanity a way to love one another and turn from sinful ways.

The good news is God resurrected Jesus back to life and only on his return will evil be defeated. So, until then I’m sure we will see more tragic events continue.

My other thought is that defeat of Marquette County Road 595. What a shame. I attended the hearing at Northern Michigan University. Most spoke in favor of the road being built.

It’s beyond belief that Rio Tinto trucks, about 80 per hour, will be coming down County Road 550 then Wright Street and U.S. 41 from Target through Negaunee, Ishpeming and beyond.

Wait until it starts. The traffic will be like going in and out of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, etc.

And the roads will take a beating to say the least. The people who made the decision don’t even live here. I just hope with help from our congressmen and senators and people protesting against the EPA it can be overruled.

Let’s all try to do our part. If not, it’s not going to be pleasant driving on County Road 550, Wright Street, U.S. 41, all the way to Humboldt Mine when Rio Tinto starts hauling ore.