People’s Choice: Dazed and confused by outcome

For the first time in at least a decade, I tuned in to watch some of the People’s Choice Awards broadcast Wednesday night. I only watched some of the presentation as my need for sleep outweighed my willingness to stay up past my bedtime, all of which reinforced the one thought foremost on my mind: Gosh, am I old.

The following morning, reading the complete list of nominees as well as the ultimate winners only supported that notion. While I realize most of the 485 million votes cast for the People’s Choice trophies were from young people, some of the winners baffled me. Sure, it’s all a matter of taste and opinion, but still, wow, there were some interesting choices.

During the bit of the broadcast I caught, Adam Sandler was chosen as favorite comedic movie actor. Now, Sandler can be hiliarious, but his recent movies, at least the ones I have seen, are not evidence of that. This year, he beat out Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, both of whom are wickedly funny.

And the acceptance speech Sandler read on stage was achingly unfunny, a scripted example of why I wonder at the people’s choosing him.

The morning after the show, I read Zac Efron was selected as the favorite dramatic movie actor, which sent me to the nominees list to see who the heck else was in the category. The answer was Bradley Cooper, Channing Tatum, Jake Gyllenhaal and Liam Neeson. Zac is adorable and all, but the voters picked him over those four? Really?

There are other examples of my stunned surprise at the list, but you get the idea.

You know what, though? It is The People’s Choice Awards, not the Academy Awards, not the Emmy Awards, heck, not even the Golden Globes.

The people vote for their favorites which doesn’t necessarily mean “the best” by other standards. If the masses voted for “Leverage” as the favorite cable TV drama over “The Walking Dead,” so be it. Baffles the dickens out of me, but there it is.

Not all of the awards were confusing. Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing young actress and it was wonderful she was recognized as favorite movie actress and for her chemistry with “Hunger Games” co-stars Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth.

The “face of heroism” was an interesting name for an award and she won that one, too.

Show host Kaley Cuoco pointed out the People’s Choice are the first of many awards to be handed out over the next two months. And good for the organizers for allowing “the people” to not only choose the winners but to select the nominees as well.

Any award show that gives a trophy to Nathan Fillion is all right by me, I guess, even if the majority of winners made me feel like an out-of-sync-with-popular-culture old-timer who was wondering why Betty White wasn’t even nominated for an award.

The “people” have spoken… now it’s on to the Golden Globes to see if bafflement will reign once more.

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