MARQUETTE – A few items of local entertainment news:

“Gut Bomb Sessions”

– Kiddywompus, a Marquette-based three-piece bluesy/country-infused roadhouse band, has released its debut five-song EP, “Gut Bomb Sessions.”

Ty Dettloff, Zach Mueller and Alexis Mahler are the musicians who are part of the band.

The link to “Gut Bomb Sessions” is, at which people can hear “Name Your Price.”

The five-song download includes the track, album art, lyrics, a thank-you PDF and a music video.

The EP was recorded, mixed and produced by the three members of Kiddywompus.

Jingle all the way

– Local musician-politician-radio show host Dan Adamini is doing well in national online voting in a jingle contest for a SafeAuto Commercial.

“I’m hoping people in the U.P. will rally behind me as they do whenever local

people need support,” Adamini said in a press release. “There is no limit to how many times you can vote… I just need more people voting. I appreciate everyone’s support.”

Grand prize is $5,000 and a chance for the jingle to be used in a commercial. Second prize is $2,500; third $1,000; fourth $500; and fifth $250.

According to the contest website, “SafeAuto is holding an open casting call to find the stars of its next ad campaign. Whether it’s a person or a group, the contestant is to re-create, re-interpret or re-invent the famous SafeAuto Jingle. All video submissions will be featured at: DoTheJingle. Site visitors are encouraged to vote for their favorite jingle because your votes will decide the winner. Previous SafeAuto commercials can be found at about/commercials/”

Voting in the contest started Jan. 2 and will continue until 11:59 p.m. Feb. 28. The entry with the most votes wins the grand prize, so Adamini will be looking for as many people to vote as many times as possible.

Papa Crow’s latest

– “What Was That Sound?” is the new mini-CD from award-winning musician Papa Crow, the musical nom de plum of Marquette’s own Jeff Krebs. The answer to the title’s question is the four-letter word for flatulence, a word incorporated into the titles of three of the five songs on the disc.

“It’s the first album of fart songs for kids and families,” Krebs said in an email. “I’ll admit it’s not as groundbreaking as Newton (or Steve Jobs) and the apple but it breaks new, er, ground nonetheless.”

Krebs said there have been fart albums before, by Serge Gainsbourg and by local favorites Da Yoopers, “but as far as I know, no fart song album for kids before this… weird.”

The project started years ago when Krebs co-wrote a song called “Uncle Terry’s Farts” with his then 10-year-old nephew Jordan.

“For the record, the song is indeed about my Uncle Terry, who, bless him, didn’t threaten legal action when he heard about this album,” Krebs explained. “I wrote (the song) ‘Barking Spiders’ a few years later to amuse Jordan, who by then was a teen and not amused.

“One of my biggest fans, 6-year-old R.J. Kraly (who sings on the new CD), made his mom laugh by substituting fart for roar in my song ‘All The Things That Roar’ from my first album. Darned if it didn’t work.”

The disc title comes from a game Krebs and his young sons play when someone passes gas.

“One of the others says ‘What was that sound? A bear? A monster? A train?… none of which ever seems to get unfunny.”

Krebs said this Papa Crow mini-album was released as he works on his next full-length disc, “Full Moon, Full Moon.”

“I plan on releasing more mini-albums of five songs each on a different theme,” he said. “Next in the works will be a mini-album of monkey songs sung with ukulele, ‘Monkeylele’.”

And just so folks know, Krebs said, “You won’t hear actual farts on this album; no raspberries or fart sounds either. Just silly songs about farts. It’s what the world needs now.”

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