New focus needed

To the Journal editor:

As a citizen of Marquette County and city, I would like to point out that only one elected official actually stayed for the entire EPA hearing in October: (now former) Marquette County Commissioner Mike Quayle.

The officials all submitted their carbon copy letters of support and then left the hearing. Had they bothered to stay, they might have learned why well over 200 (probably more like 300) of us stayed and listened to comments and made comments.

And they would not be acting now as if they were speaking for the community.

The road for the mine will now be in plain view and our ability as the public to actually know what is going on is greatly enhanced. The fear tactics have not prevailed and Rio Tinto will have to be more accountable to our community.

And thank you federal standards that don’t allow local sale of our heritage by politicians seduced by playing with the big boys. The jobs that would have been created would have been very short term and in a very limited sector of our economy.

Only a few … would have benefited. Let’s focus on jobs to improve our world not destroy it.

Lucy Wilcox