Much grief cited

To the Journal editor:

It’s such a shame that all the suffering and grief in the world can’t be harnessed to make electricity.

I wish I could believe that all that copper mined at Eagle would go into making wire for new houses. I would think half would be shot into the air in the middle east or at a firing range.

The first canary in the cage incident that I can remember without looking at reference would be Whitman on top of a tower in Austin, Texas, with a rifle.

I thought 9/11 pretty much made me a pro at grief. The couple holding hands jumping to certain death, live on TV. All these incidents are the canary events to me.

Close your eyes and don’t look. That will hang with me forever. I don’t expect to see, in my life time anyway, a reduction with the insanity of these massacres.

Looking for a career? Grief counseling would be a steady Eddy along with cry your eye’s out trauma dog handler.

No way out of this one no matter what we do. If only the janitor had a longer mop handle.

William Lullo

K.I. Sawyer