Pellow is lauded

To the Journal editor:

Thank you to Chairwoman Deborah Pellow and the Marquette County Board of Commissioners for working so diligently on the severance tax bill to insure that the county, schools and townships received their fair share.

I believe it is important the Marquette county board consider reappointing Commissioner Deborah Pellow to chairwoman for the next year. The county board under the leadership of Ms. Pellow has worked effortlessly and has been instrumental in many needed changes in the county system.

As a township official, I have worked with Debbie for many years. She has held township positions; has been active in the Marquette County Townships Association and the Michigan Townships Association

Debbie understands grassroots government. She recognizes the needs of the county and townships and takes thoughtful, positive action in decision making. Ms Pellow understands the importance of cooperation in the governing of all units.

We need the county board to vote Deborah Pellow for chairwoman of the county board for positive progression and future of Marquette County.

Jean Howe, clerk

Michigamme Township