Expansion at mall underscores commitment to area, region

MARQUETTE – In a region known for outdoor recreational activities, one Marquette business knew a few years ago that its goal was to expand.

In the fall of 2012, MC Sports of Westwood Mall was able to add on to its store and offer a wider range of services to satisfy the appetites of many avid outdoorsmen, women and youth.

MC Sports has been located at Westwood Mall for six years. Manager Kevin Hayes said the expansion has allowed the store to offer a hunting and fishing department, a larger apparel section that carries many well-known brand names and an increase in footwear varieties. The expanded business also led to an increase in staff from between 10 and 11 employees to 20.

Construction took six months. Once it was completed, Hayes said they were able to have the store filled and opened in three days.

“Customer traffic has improved through the expansion,” Hayes said. “Our variety is a great option for those who love the outdoors.”

Hayes said that MC Sports strives to work with the community as much as possible. The store is part of the Community Ambassadors program, which offers services such as team nights, giving discounts to coaches and players. MC Sports also sponsors a Little League team and hockey team and gives to Northern Michigan University when it can.

Hayes said the store would like to do even more, but it tries to be as involved as possible in community sports by offering the best products at an affordable price.

He noted that there has been a high level of support from the community, patrons of the store and the administration at Westwood Mall and they are looking forward to what the new and improved store will bring.

“Now it’s all about listening to the customers, taking input and improving what we can offer,” Hayes said. “We really want to help keep the Westwood Mall a great shopping destination in the Upper Peninsula.”

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