RTW challenged

To the Journal editor:

I’d find Robert Whitaker’s Dec. 26 Letter to the Editor most satisfying were I a corporate honcho or lobbyist or a “senior fellow” at one of those free market think tanks, the outfits that tell us America would be hunky dory if we handed it over to businessmen.

Such interests have long sought to neuter unions. It has to be all the sweeter when folks like Whitaker join the bandwagon, penning letters to the editor that play the “right to work” movement’s Orwellian word games.

Giving employers more leverage is not a “freedom” for workers. Workers who don’t like unions were always free to choose jobs and occupations that didn’t have unions.

Corporate interests and their Republican allies have long argued that unions were too powerful, that demands for higher wages and better benefits were driving employers away from Michigan and the U.S. Now those same voices tell us the end of compulsory membership will make unions stronger.

When otherwise intelligent people – including our governor – make such cross-threaded, contradictory arguments it should be a tip-off something else is afoot.

What RTW is really about is gagging labor and destroying resistance to the corporate juggernaut, which would gladly shred the federal worker protections Whitaker suggests are cast in stone.

The lobbies and think tanks sell such demolition as “freedom” and “job creation.” Let’s hope that Whitaker and the like-minded can’t be fooled twice.

Jim Dalgleish

St. Joseph, Mich.