Tough fiscal issues

To the Journal editor:

In separate articles this fall, sports writers criticized the condition of the football field and the tennis courts of the Ishpeming High School Sports Complex.

Their work on these articles appears to lack sound editorial preparation. They missed covering the “why” in the four “W’s” of sound reporting. We hope that this letter would paint a broader picture of “why.”

In attending the December meeting of the district’s school board, the annual audit was reviewed by a member of the auditing team. The auditor outlined how the budget had gone from a formidable deficit to showing a fund balance.

Listening to the results of the work done by the school board and administration and imagining the gut-wrenching decisions they faced must have made all in the audience chest-thumping proud.

These tough decisions included the closing of the middle school, cutting class offerings and, most difficult, telling talented staff that they would no longer be employed. All of these actions so that this tough little school district with so rich a history would remain competitive.

And competitive they are as witnessed by the fine scholars/athletes/ambassadors that represented our Upper Peninsula in the recent football playoffs.

This financial difficulty is nothing new. That may well be the funding status of the Ishpeming district and other fine districts into the future, thanks to the machinations of our governor and state legislature.

Regardless, don’t expect anything but grit and greatness emanating from I.H.S. for those many years to come.