Angeline update

To the Journal editor:

Lake Angeline has been open to the public; however, this access is not guaranteed. Two vehicle access points were closed to the public in the past. With the property owner graciously allowing vehicle access at one remaining place in the southwestern corner of the lake.

For more than 15 years our group has been trying to gain a permanent access. Approximately one year ago, the Michigan Natural Resource Commission agreed to pursue a land swap with the property owner. Neighboring property owners also support the use of this lake for fishing.

According to the State Parks and Recreation Department representative located in Marquette, they and the property owner have been slowly working to arrange the purposed land swap. This process have been going on far to long and needs to be completed.

Our non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization has been planting Rainbow, Brown, and Lake Trout for many years. Cliffs Mining and our group have invested tens of thousands of dollars planting this lake. Many years ago, Days River smelt were transported to Ishpeming and planted in this lake. Smelt and lake trout are successfully reproducing.

The state of Michigan has plans to build a boat launch if the land swap is completed. In addition, The Department of Natural Resources will plant trout after public access has been guaranteed. Our group can be in devoting our scant monetary resources to other local projects to support the young, old, and handicap fishermen and women.

The lake is a great place for younger people to enjoy fishing. Its location allows for easy access for all children simply by riding a bicycle. Easily accessible good fishing lakes and rivers do not exist like they once used to.

Our group fully support kids fishing, we plan to host a winter fishing outing for area middle and grade schools once public access has been obtained. There has been discussion with the John Voelker group in adopting this lake. I’m sure they will plan activities for the young people as well.

On Nov. 22, rainbow trout were once again purchased and planted. During this visit to the lake we found the surrounding area had a significant amount of trash scatter about. This is a sure way to lose the one remaining access point to this lake. Our group will be conducting a spring cleanup.

Please keep it clean.

Larry Argall, president

Central U.P. Sportfishing