New laws not needed

To the Journal editor:

Are the insane running the asylum? Is insanity doing the same thing over and over expecting different results? Gun Control: The act of controlling guns; not societies dysfunctional.

America has thousands of gun control laws but antigun advocates, including Obama, continue attempting to outlaw guns in America. Liberals are blaming legally owned weapons, stolen and utilized by a mentally unstable man, for 28 murders in Connecticut not the human element which committed the act.

Antigun advocates blantantly deny the nucleolus behind this atrocity was Lenza’s unaddressed dysfunctional socialogical makeup, insufficient parental guidance, inept judiciary/mental health systems, and social medias desensitization of societies dysfunctional for monetary gains. Is it feasible to provide a pyromaniac matches and gasoline and not expect a fire?

So why’s it feasible for a mother to teach her mentally unstable son to effectively utilize her guns? Thus, her actions were a direct violation of her accepted personal responsibilities associated with gun ownership.

Denied responsibility, blaming inanimate objects, and sidestepping our laws has become the law of the land in justifying, distancing, and removing human responsibility from illicit acts.

This precedent was established when Obama openly and blantantly overruled Americas immigration laws for personal/political gains.

Liberals refuse to admit this fact because it’s their core factor in legitimizing criminal acts/corruption within Americas political system and our diminished social value structure. When personal/political gains take precedence over Americas established laws and societal norms how will law abiding citizens be protected from societies dysfunctional?

America doesn’t need more ambiguous gun laws, it needs employment of commonsense within the enforcement of all Americas laws. It’s time to effectively utilize the billions politicians and bureaucrats waste in their futile attempts to curb violence/crime in America.

Those billions need to be spent expanding/establishing mental healthcare aspects/facilities, ensuring mentally/emotionally dysfunctional are effectively identified, monitored, and actions taken to prevent them from acting out fantasies of murder and mayhem.

We must also reestablish reform schools to gain compliance too and acceptance of societal values and norms by our so called uncontrollable children when parents can’t.

In turn, our judicial/mental health systems must hold each individual personally responsible/accountable for their actions/inactions which contribute to criminal acts in lieu of passing blame onto mental/emotional instability and inanimate objects utilized in the commission of crimes.

Ray Wickstrom